Its like a 1 in 11 million chance to die in a plane crash....

Share an anxiety moment on a commercial jetliner. The more details about your experience, the better. Please try to include relevant details including flight #, time of day, airliner, destinations, etc.
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Its like a 1 in 11 million chance to die in a plane crash....

Post by rober lowski » Sun Nov 08, 2020 1:07 pm

New to this group and want to give an intro to myself to explain what started my personal fear with flying and the beliefs that reinforced it and also give some very helpful on plane safety that I just discovered that I think might help others with their fear. This is a long post just a heads up. So here it goes I have always had a fear of flying, whenever I’m on an airplane its an extremely nerve racking anxiety ridden experience for me. Even though statistically I know they always say its like a 1 in 11 million chance to die in a plane crash, it still always terrified me. 😩

It started because my dad had always hated planes and talked about how much he hated them. I was always incredibly close to my dad and a daddys girl all the way so id take heed to what he said often. My first time on a plane was to Florida with my parents. I was about 12 years old which is kind of late for a first time flyer. The reason I hadn’t flown on a plane before that was because before any vacation my dad and mom would always argue over the mode of transportation to get there. Mind you 99 percent of the time my dad lets my mom get her way with things, but when it came to flying he was just so adamant on the hate of planes that he would pretty much refuse to go unless we were to drive there. 🚘

Then my little sister was born and my mom knew driving to a vacation spot by car for 2 days straight with a crazy hyper toddler who cant sit still and a preteen would be pretty much impossible. So finally one day back in 2003 my mom decided she wanted to take a family vacation to Disney and that we were going to go by plane. She was over always doing the 2 day driving trips to take vacation. So she just booked the flights and forced my dad to go. I was 12 years old. I remember he was so mad. On that first flight that was the first time in my life I ever saw my dad drinking shots and holding his cross every time the plane hit the slightest bit of turbulence. That was the moment the fear of planes started for me. As a young girl you usually see dads as not being afraid of anything and that was the first time I saw him afraid.. then I instantly just thought wow these planes must be really really bad. The fear was born at that moment. My dad always said he hated the lack of control and that you can’t just get off and if it crashes your basically f*cked and theres like no chance of survival. I hated it for these reasons as well. But today because im thinking of flying somewhere soon in the next few months.. I still am getting nervous just knowing I have to book a flight. ✈️

I wanted to try and find a way to help my fear with planes also known as aviophobia. I decided to do some more research on plane crashes.. I already knew for awhile now that technically the chance of dying in air plane crash was incredibly low but that wasnt really enough to help with the fear. Because the scariest part to me was that yes the chances of a crash are low but IF it does crash your basically done..finished..theres no chance of survival... And apparently many people think the same thing but its totally false! I literally believed that though to the point that every single time I was on an airplane and the flight attendants would give that safety speech and tell you what to do in a crash and how to use the mask I literally would not listen at all and would just sarcastically chuckle in my head and be like yeah as if that craps gonna save anyone when we crash into the ground at 500 mph, to me that safety run was a friggin joke. I highly respected what they do to help people feel calm and secure while on board but in my mind there is rarely ever any survivors in a plane crash these safety runs are such a waste of time. 😒

Well what I learned today was actually that this common belief that planes crashes are almost always fatal.. is just not true. The truth is, is that 95% of plane crashes are not fatal and are usually surviveable. This was mindblowing to me. I never ever knew that fact. I am hoping that next time im on an airplane this will help me a bit with staying at ease and maybe it will help one of you too. Thanks for listening and please share your thoughts and your stories on what started your fear of flying Id love to hear. 💜