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Passengers Screaming and Throwing Up - FIFTH Landing Attempt Fail in Brutal Storms

Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2020 9:31 pm
by planeanxiety

This is the terrifying moment passengers feared for their lives when their plane repeatedly attempted to land while battling Storm Ciara. More than 300 passengers were on board the Air Europa flight from Madrid to Amsterdam which took off just after 3pm yesterday.

"The pilot stopped the landing twice at the very last moment and we took off again at 150 meters above the runway. Really not cool."

Footage shows one female passenger screaming in terror as the plane unsuccessfully attempts to reach the tarmac five times. The pilot eventually decided to turn back to the airport they departed from, where he was able to land the aircraft safely.

In the video, the dimly-lit plane can be seen jolting up and down with severe turbulence.

One of the female passengers is crying hysterically in the background as she begins to fear for her safety. The plane continues to shake violently, which prompts the woman to then let out a series of prolonged screams. They continue to increase in pitch before she can be heard saying 'oh my god' repeatedly