Inconsistent Prices on United App

Share an anxiety moment on a commercial jetliner. The more details about your experience, the better. Please try to include relevant details including flight #, time of day, airliner, destinations, etc.
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Inconsistent Prices on United App

Post by Mbp » Thu Feb 13, 2020 1:54 am

So I found a flight to Europe through the United App, and proceeded to book the flight through the app, but when I went to confirm payment, it kept denying my card. Immediately called Chase United Business card services and they quoted me a price $300 higher! Disappointed that the app doesn’t work properly, nor are prices on the app honored :? :( :x

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Re: Inconsistent Prices on United App

Post by jaskson5er » Sun Nov 08, 2020 1:05 pm

Hey all,
I was trying to put my "big girl pants" on and do this myself but my anxiety levels are rocketing.

I had my first domestic flight (in the south of Thailand) in a long time. Been about over a year since I've been on a plane. But it was to a holiday I was REALLY looking forward to. So the excitement and anxiety kind of helped each other out leading up to the flight. The flight is only 1.5 hours and I did tear up and panic a bit during takeoff and landing but made it!! It gave me more confidence for the flight back.

Well... since we've been on the island after 3 days a tropical storm has hit this area (we even had to cancel our second hotel booking on a neighboring island because the boats weren't allowed to run) - we have to leave today and today is supposed to be the final day of the storm and TOMORROW it will be gone. Our flight isn't cancelled but the boats still are and I'm FREAKING OUT. It's a night flight and in Thailand the storms come QUICK. It has only been wind and heavy heavy rain no lightning or anything.

Just need some words of encouragement. Or something. I just keep thinking about all that can go wrong and start panicking and on the verge of tears. There are no meds I can buy over counter here that will help (I think) - so unfortunately that's not an option.

rober lowski
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Re: Inconsistent Prices on United App

Post by rober lowski » Sun Nov 08, 2020 1:09 pm

I've wasted the last 20 years of my life avoiding air travel, and in the process avoided so many places I wanted to go to. I've traveled by car and by train to avoid flight, and went on cruises, but could obviously go only so many places. I've tried all the cognitive approaches as far as looking at the statistics and the odds of something happening, but that still doesn't address the fear. I've had consistent occasional nightmares with the same travel theme over the last few decades. I've considered the possible source of the fear, and and have self analyzed my views about not being ready to go, not having fully accomplished the things I've wanted to in this world, not wanting to leave my family, the afterlife, etc etc etc. I'm now approaching 57, and I've decided I can't do this any longer.

I planned a trip for next year to the Canadian Rockies, and am planning a trip to Europe the following year. It terrifies me at times thinking about this, particularly in the middle of the night, but I cannot keep putting things off. I'm so worried about having regret of not having done the things I wanted to do, but at the same time this irrational fear has been holding me back. It is such a catch-22!!!!! My doctor has recommended medication, and I'm willing to try that as the travel date approaches. It's nice to be able to express this to others who probably share a lot of the same thoughts. It is so hard not to fear the worst, and my thoughts of disaster striking are soooooo detailed and vivid. But, I'M DETERMINED TO LIVE MY LIFE!!!

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