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1990 14 February - Indian Airlines Flight 605

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1990 14 February - Indian Airlines Flight 605

Post by planeanxiety » Mon Oct 14, 2019 8:34 pm

Indian Airlines Flight 605 was a scheduled domestic passenger flight from Mumbai to Bengaluru. On 14 February 1990, an Airbus A320-231 registered as VT-EPN, crashed onto a golf course while attempting to land at Bangalore, killing 92 of 146 people.

Flight 605 was the eighth deadliest plane crash in India, following Alitalia Flight 771. The crash caused the second hull loss and fatal accident involving an Airbus A320, after Air France Flight 296.

According to the report published by the Indian investigative team, the probable cause was ruled as the pilots selecting the "Open descent/flight idle” control mode rather than glideslope capture, allowing the aircraft to sink far below the correct flight path. They further failed to advance the throttles or pull up even after the radio altitude call-outs of "Four hundred", "Three hundred" and "Two hundred" feet as the aircraft approached the ground. The report stated that the crew of Flight 605 wasn't aware of the situation and the danger they were facing at the time, prompting a delayed reaction during descent.

After the crash, the Indian investigation committee issued 62 recommendations to the Indian DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation), including a time recording on the ATC tapes and the formation of several investigative committees specializing in several aviation operational issues. Included in the recommendation was the addition of a crash siren in Bangalore, evaluation of the evacuation doors and slides in Airbus airplanes, and a design change on their instrument knob. The report also urged the government to evaluate every airport in India to prevent similar incidents from occurring.

The crash drew criticism among the Indian Commercial Pilot Association (ICPA) which claimed that the Airbus A320 had severe flaws. They claimed that the aircraft's systems were too confusing and that the crew of Flight 605 was struggling to avert the crash.

Another A320 accident less than two years later (which occurred under similar circumstances) resulted in the Airbus A320's systems being re-designed.


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